Why Not?

As college students, we have been told these are the best four years of life. To cherish every second because our successes and failures are part of the college experience. But most of us seem to dwell on the failures, and even worse, dwell on the failures of others. We focus so much time and energy into gossiping and judging what our peers are doing instead of living OUR lives.

Why are you upset your lab partner got a better grade than you? Did they deserve it?  Most likely. Or you believe you know  you hate someone solely based on their appearance. What an excellent reason to hate that person!

I wish sarcasm had a font, because that was sarcasm.

If we all didn’t care about what our peers were doing, we would all live a much happier life. So why don’t you go make your own mistakes? Why don’t YOU study harder for your next exam? Why don’t YOU go try something you’ve never done?

In the famous words of an iconic pop star, “Why not take a crazy chance? Why not do a crazy dance?”


Yes, I just quoted Hilary Duff and I try to live by her words and you should too. I think these lyrics have more substance then Drake’s original YOLO.

“Why not take a crazy chance?”

Why not apply for that internship in New York City? Why not study abroad and have the most unforgettable learning experience, with memories to last a lifetime. Why not run for student body president? That will look quite impressive on your resume. But what if you do run for president and lose? Immediately, the white flags are waved and failure is accepted, believing it was deserved.

Most us come into college thinking we can accomplish the impossible, only to have our dreams demolished by the reality of the harsh, cold world. We are defeated so easily by our failures and our successes seem to have little, if any worth.  We are terrified to try something new or to go out and explore the opportunities because we don’t want to face rejection or humiliation. These fears are not easily overcome, especially when our every move is judged.

That is no way to live a life. If you live life in fear of failure or the fear of rejection, then you are denying the advice of Drake and Hilary.

Go out and experience life! Go experience college and please go make mistakes! The mistakes and failures will be important lessons of your life.

You failed your bio exam? Don’t hate your partner, go study for the next exam. Judging the quite girl because of her she is wearing Sketchers?

GO GET A REALITY CHECK, because you are a TERRIBLE PERSON; go to bible study or confession.

As scared as we are of the future that awaits us, we must move forward and love the life we are given. We must fail to succeed. We must take each moment as the only moment.

So next time you face the question “What If?” Instead ask your self “Why Not?”

In the words of Hilary, “If you miss a moment, you might miss a lot. So Why Not?” 


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